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6-12 Months

Meal Ideas

Important: All fresh homemade baby food must not contain any added sugar or salt as they can be harmful to a baby's health. The below meal ideas are guidelines only for a typical baby of a certain age group. The needs of an individual baby may vary. If you have any concerns about a baby's individual needs speak to your G.P or health visitor.

Foods to avoid (a list of foods to avoid).
Food allergies & intolerances (a list symptoms).

Meal & Pudding Ideas That Babies May Enjoy (7-9 months)


• Sweet potato, carrots and chicken in vegetable stock (baby version stock).
• Potato, beef and peas.
• Potato, cauliflower and brocoli in cheese sauce (homemade or baby version sauce).
• Potato, butternut squash and and turkey in vegetable stock (baby version stock).
• Sweet potato, cod and carrot in white sauce (homemade or baby version sauce).
• Sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot and red lentils.
• Potato, salmon and brocoli in cheese sauce (homemade or baby version sauce).


• Peach and apricot puree.
• Rice pudding with stewed apple.
• Blueberry, Banana and avocado puree.
• Apple and pear puree.
• Peach and banana puree.
• Rice pudding with plum and peach puree.

Meal & Pudding Ideas That Babies May Enjoy (9-12 Months)


• Beef lasagne with courgette and red pepper.
• Cheesy Fish pie (mash, cod in cheese sauce) with broccoli and carrots.
• Chicken, mashed potato, spinach and carrot.
• Cottage pie (mash with minced beef in beef stock ) with butternut squash and peas.
• Chicken and vegetable risotto (chicken, carrots, peas, butternut squash with rice in chicken stock).
• Sweet potato, pork, peas and parsnip with apple sauce.
• Fish pie (sweet potato mash, salmon and spinach in white sauce).


• Custard with stewed prunes and plums.
• Rice pudding with stewed peaches.
• Plain yogurt with banana and avocado.
• Peach, apricot and banana.
• Plain yogurt with blueberry and apple puree.
• Custard with stewed peaches and apples.
• Rice pudding with blueberry puree.

Foods To Avoid:

• Grapes.
• Nuts.
• Cherry / Plum Tomatoes.
• Honey (until over 12 months).
• Cirtrus (until over 12 months).
• Low fat foods.
• High fibre / wholemeal pasta/breads - should only be given every few days.
• Any stocks or sauces that contain salt - homemade or special baby versions should be used.
• Sugary foods.

Food Allergies / Intolerances

If your baby has food allergies/intollerances or any illness that excludes certain food groups, or requires your baby to consume extra calories/nutrients, please contact your G.P. / Health Visitor/ Hospital Consultant who will be be able to advise you appropriately on how to meet your baby's nutritional needs, or refer your baby to a child nutritionist.

Alternative products, such as soya, oat, rice, coconut milk, and other dairy alternatives should not be given to any baby under 12 months unless on the advise of a qualified child nutritionist/dietician.

Symptoms of an allergy:

• A rash appears on a baby's face then spreads to the rest of the body.
• Hives.
• Itchy skin.
• Itchy eyes / red or sore eyes / swollen eyes.
• Runny nose.
• Cough or wheezing.
• Vomiting and /or diarrohoea.
Swelling of the lips / mouth / tongue / airways.
Difficulty breathing.

IMPORTANT: The last two symptoms are also known as ANAPHYLATIC SHOCK / REACTION. This is an extreme allergic reaction that needs URGENT MEDICAL TREATMENT.

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