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3-5 Years

Some products recommended by ourbabydays.com for toddlers 3-5 Years from popular online retailer Amazon. If you wish to buy any of the recommended products, or find out more about them, please click on the product image which will take you to the Amazon store.


Teddy Ruxpin interactive bear. Connects to technology, or works independently, storytelling, rhymes and songs. Encourages emotional and social skills as well as language and communication skills in children. Great interactive toy for children from 3 years old.

Lego classic large creative box. This is a perfect Lego set for children from 4 years old. Promotes all areas of their development and imagination as they learn to build and play with these Lego bricks. This set contains over 790 pieces in a variety of sizes and colours, including windows, doors, wheels and plate trims to build on. Comes in a plastic box for easy storage. Compatible with other Lego sets.

Playmobil furnished children's hospital set. This is a great early learning role play and small world set that reflects real life. Children can build their understanding and knowledge of the world around them as well as developing their imagination skills while playing with this set. The set includes hospital building, furniture, and people figures (children and adults). High quality play items, suitable for children from 3 years old.

Tidlo 50 piece wooden train track. This train track set includes all train track pieces that fix together to form a track, different lengths, some curved and some straight. Trains, people, block buildings and trees. Additional items, track, trains can be purchased for additional cost. Great item for developing imagination through pretend play/role play and construction skills. Suitable from 3 years old.

Child Safety

Anti-lost wrist link safety. These are a great safety item to stop young children getting lost in crowds and busy places, such as fairs, theme parks, shopping centre/malls, supermarkets, and busy high streets. The link safety works by wrapping one around parent's or carer's wrist and one around the child's wrist. It has an extendable wire that will stretch, making sure the adult and child are attached if hand holding gets detached. Soft and comfortable to wear. Suitable from 4 years old. Also great for when crossing busy roads. Available in a choice of colour and lengths.

ID safety wrist bands for children to wear when on day trips, holidays, and busy places where it is possible they could become lost. These wrist bands can be written on to provide a contact detail (phone number of parent) so that if a child gets lost and found by a shop employee or member of the public the number can be called to reunite the child with parents. Great for added peace of mind. This set contains 12 re-useable, adjustable, waterproof bands with buckle fastening. Skin friendly and will not irritate.

I won't go with strangers is a storybook about being aware of stranger danger and children going off with someone without telling their parents, even if they know them. Introduces young children to the ideas of stranger danger, safe strangers, and keeping themselves safe. Suitable for children from 3 years old.

Children's helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads set. Suitable for children 3-8 years old. This set is a safety must protective gear for young children on bikes, scooters, skates, and on adult bikes attached child seat or trailer seats. All made of tough and durable materials. Available in a variety of colours black, blue, or pink

Packed Lunch

Leakproof compartment lunch box for children. Great item for a child to take to nursery, school, or clubs. Has a few different compartment boxes with lids for different food items, reducing the need for plastic bags and snack pots. All foods can be kept separately until eaten. Is made from non-toxic, eco friendly plastic, BPA free, and is leakproof, airtight and spill proof. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Also includes an insulated lunch bag. Set available in choice of 3 colours: green, blue, or pink. Budget friendly item.

12ozs Klean Kanteen stainless steel children's drinks water bottle. Non-toxic, plastic free, eco friendly stainless steel material that keeps drinks cool for up to 24 hours and drinks warm for up to 12 hours. Leakproof bottle. BPA and metal free. Secure loop top. Other tops can be bought separately if preferred. Available in a few different colours. Great item for when out and about, for sports, and for packed lunches.

Skip hop zoo insulated lunch bag. Available in a few different colours and design to suit different needs. This insulated lunch bag is spacious and hard wearing to keep food cool and fresh for longer. Can easily fit a lunch box and drink carton or small bottle. Has an interior mesh pocket to keep cutlery. Has a top carry handle. Machine washable on low temperatures. Great item for packed lunches, nursery or school, or for snacks when out and about or day trips.

Complete packed lunch accessories kit. This is a great item for making fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches into attractive shapes for children's snacks, meals, and packed lunches. The set includes sandwich cutters, bread crust remover, vegetable cutters, silicon cup divders, and food picks. BPA free materials. Great for picky eater.


131 piece premium art set in wooden case. Includes markers, pencils, crayons, watercolours and paints and lots of accessories. Great first art set for developing creative skills in children, help with their imagination, artist expression and emotional skills, as well as fine motor skills. The different items give plenty of choice of activity and can be kept together neatly in the wooden carry case for easy storage. Suitable from 3 years old. Also a great gift idea.

12 inch wheel finding dory Pixar bike with training wheels, suitable for children aged 3-5 years old. This gender netural Pixar bike is a great bike for children learn to ride independently using the pedals first with training wheels and then without. Padded seating and handlebar basket for comfort. Safety helmet and knee and elbow protectors need to be bought separately.

Children's play house. This is a great item for children to play indoors or outdoors to develop their physical skills and their role play and imagination skills. Great little house for preschools to play and adapt to their imagination. Spacious and hard wearing plastic house with opening gate. Easy assemble and is compact and easy to store away when not in use. Suitable from 1 year old.

Playmobil large farm set. Great item for small world play developing imagination skills as well as language skills in learning about different animals and their homes. This set includes the farm building, 3 people, a variety of animals and accessories. Compatiable with other playmobil sets. Good value, high quality item, suitable from 4 years old.

Starting School

Waterproof fish design bag suitable for kids gym or swimming lesson. Spacious and available in a 2 different colours (pink or blue) and fish designs. Durable and hardwearing. Includes shoulder straps for carrying and ID label for identification.

All purpose EZ kids stick on labels for a variety of surfaces. No need to iron on clothing. Labels are blank for parents to write child's name on (permanent marker works best) and simply stick to clothing, lunch boxes, shoes, wellies, bags etc. Washer and dryer safe. Pack contains 60 labels. Great value, budget friendly, must-have for children starting nursery or school.

Starting school work book for 3-5 year olds. This is a great work book for children that are due to start school or have just started school. The book includes activities to develop their learning skills so that their education can be promoted at home. Activities are designed to help children with learning and to give a sense of achievement in completing the activities.

Dymo easy to use label maker. Great for families with a few children attending school, nursery, or clubs, for labelling items and clothing such as coat and shoes. This label maker has an ABC keyboard, screen to view labels before printing. Also a few different style designs for different labels. Can print different label types from plastic to fabric. Label tapes will need to be purchased separately. Great value, budget friendly, high quality item.

Children's Parties

Set of 120 bag filler toys for party bags, suitable for any children's party occasion, and has a suitable toy for everyone. Suitable from 3 years old. Budget friendly for large parties. High quality variety toys.

Peppa pig party set to serve 16. Includes plates, cups, napkins and table cover. Great for all Peppa pig fans and starter kit to a children's party.

Party supplies 100 piece decoration kit with everything needed for a birthday party, including plates, cups banner, balloons, hats, confetti, table cloth. Great value, high quality, and budget friendly.

This children party CD set contains 2 CDs with 20 child appropriate party songs on each. Great value for money and suitable for different occasion children's parties. Suitable for all ages.