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6-12 Months

Some products recommended by ourbabydays.com for babies 6-12 months from popular online retailer Amazon. If you wish to buy any of the recommended products, or find out more about them, please click on the product image which will take you to the Amazon store.

Essential Items

Gro bag sleeping bag is great for babies that are becoming more mobile and kick of their blankets while sleeping. A Gro bag (available in different sizes and togs) will keep your baby warm and cosy all night. It also promotes safe sleeping as a Gro bag will fit comfortably and reduce the risk of a baby becoming tangled in their blankets or sheets. This item is a twin pack so is good value for money and can be used alternatively.

This bath is suitable from birth but can also be a good replacement for an infant newborn bath, or newborn support seat, as it is designed to support a baby while they are still developing their skills of sitting independently and unsupported. It allows for hands free washing for parents and carers and can be used in a large bath or shower or on the floor.

Pack of 8 bandana style dribble catcher bibs. Choice of pack suitable for a boy or girl. A variety of coloured and patterned designs made of 100% soft organic cotton that is absorbent to catch all dribble. Machine washable. Snap shut fastens that adjust as baby grows. Suitable from birth to approx 3 years old. Also great as a baby shower or newborn gift.


Nutribullet baby food blender set. This set is perfect for the start of weaning, whether traditional weaning or mixed weaning, as it includes the blender as well as different blades for different puree textures, so can be used through the 3 stages of weaning. Also includes storage pots to keep freshly made purees (a week's worth), all are non toxic and BPA free, and a free recipe book. Good quality and good value.

This bamboo bowl is perfect for weaning. Includes bamboo spoon with silicon tip. Bowl has a suction base for sticking to a high chair tray or table to prevent knocks, spills, and throws during baby meal times. Made of bamboo, a natural material, is non toxic and doesn't retain heat so safe for little hands and fingers. Can be used throughout weaning and on to toddler meals. It is hardwearing and long lasting and can be used alongside other bamboo products.

Stainless steel and silicon baby beaker/sippy cups. Non-toxic and reduces the use of plastics for baby feeding items. Can be used for weaning. Long lasting and hardwearing. Additional tops can be bought as baby grows to a toddler to adapt into a flask.

Baby led weaning spoons are perfect for babies to begin to feed themselves foods such as porridge, stews, yogurt. The spoons are a little more expensive than traditional weaning spoons, but are much more practical for BLW as they are better for independent feeding (by picking up and holding soft foods). Also they are made from silicon so are long lasting and non-toxic. Can be used from 6 months.

Meal Ideas

This messy mat can be placed underneath a highchair or table for messy meal times during weaning, BLW, or toddler self-feeding. Mat can be washed with soap and water after use, hung dry, then folded and stored away. It is reusable and can protect floors and carpets from food stains.

This pack of 2 waterproof silicon bibs is perfect from the start of weaning to protect clothes from food and stains. Great for self-feeding and BLW when meal times can get very messy. Just wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Made from 100 % food grade silicon, non-toxic, and suitable from 6 months to 3 years. Good value for money.

Homemade baby food storage pouches. Pack of 10 reusable 7 oz pouches. Great for out and about. Homemade fruit and veg purees and smoothies can be stored in these pouches in a fridge or freezer until needed. Pouches can be washed (hand or dishwasher) and re-used. Good value for money. Includes an easy to use funnel (to fill the pouches with food) and an extra wide opening for easier cleaning. BPA free and non-toxic.

Glass jars for storage of homemade baby food. Heatproof and freezer safe. Perfect for health conscious parents looking to reduce plastics in baby foodware. Pack of 4 150ml containers with BPA plastic lid. Non-toxic and eco friendly. Includes a silicon spoon for feeding.

Daily Routine

Portable white noise player. Plays soothing sounds to help babies drift off to sleep. Can be a useful aid in promoting a good sleep/bedtime routine from birth to toddler. Choose from a variety of different characters and sounds.

Gro anywhere blackout blind is ideal for a baby's nursery or child's bedroom. It is portable, removable, and blackouts the light, especially in the summer months, keeping the baby from waking in the early hours. Can be useful in promoting a good sleep and bedtime routine. Includes velcro to stick to windows and can be put up in minutes. Please check for size suitability of windows (will fit most).

Luxury super soft, extra large, 100% organic bamboo hooded baby towel and wash cloths. With cute bear face and ears on the hood. Great for a baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Material is eco friendly, antibacterial, breathable and absorbent, and machine washable. Contains one large hooded towel (white) and 2 wash cloths (choice of blue, green, pink or white colour).

Dr Bronner castile mild liquid soap (946 ml bottle). No scent. Suitable for a baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Can be used as a body wash, shampoo and in bath water. Soap is made from organic natural and essential oils and is stored in recycled plastic bottles (also available in a bar). Check full ingredients for suitability before purchase if suffering from allergies.


Leap Frog My Talking Lapdog (Scout). This is an interactive activity toy for babies and is suitable from 6 months old. Teaches colours, counting, shapes, sings, plays, and interacts with your baby. Good for all round development and concentration skills. Contains 40 songs and activities so plenty to keep your baby entertained. Useful, for example, when in the car or when shopping.

Hide and squeak eggs. Suitable from 6 months old. Provides entertainment for babies by encouraging their thinking, problem solving, and concentration skills. 6 plastic eggs come in a plastic egg box. The eggs fit into an individual matching shape slot (idea is similar to a shape sorter) but the eggs themselves can also be played with, explored, and they make a squeaking noise when squeezed. Perfect size for little hands.

Nuby 2 pack teething bibs. Bandana style dribble catcher bib with teething corner. Great item for catching teething dribble and also for giving a teething baby something to bite/chew on to help with the pain of emerging teeth through their gums. Absorbent cotton keeps baby dry. Material is suitable to be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures. Velcro fastening on the back. Colours of bibs may vary when ordering. Suitable from 3 months old.

RaZ-Berry teether. Great for teething babies. Can be bought in packs of 1 or 2. Teether fits into baby's mouth similarly to a dummy/pacifer, for baby to chew on, and the bumps help emerging teeth through the gums. Can be put in a fridge or freezer for extra soothing. 100% food grade silicon, BPA free, perfect size for little hands to hold. Suitable for a baby or toddler of any age.


Fisher Price stacking toy bundle. Good value for money as 2 toys in the set. One is a ring stacking toy and the other is a shape sorter. Both are designed to develop hand and eye co-ordination, thinking, concentration, and problem solving skills. Suitable from 6 months and a perfect size for little hands.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table is an activity table suitable from 6 months old. Once a baby is able to sit independently they can play in sitting position with the activities on the table. Once a baby is beginning to pick themselves up into standing position, and cruising, it can promote and encourage their skill as well as supporting their balance as they hold on the table to play.

Fun time pop up farm yard friends. Great activity for development. Keeps baby entertained but also develops their senses and concentration skills. Activity works by baby pressing or turning the buttons to make the animal pop up. Suitable from 6 months old.

Sit to stand learner walker. Perfect for babies that are beginning to become mobile: crawling, bottom shuffling, cruising and first steps. This activity centre is designed to be played with when babies are in sitting position and also encourages them to pick themselves up into standing position. Encourages supported walking by holding and pushing along with the frame. Promotes physical development as well as sensory and intellectual development through the activities and sounds. Suitable from 9 months old. Available in a few different colours.