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Eco Products

Some eco products recommended by ourbabydays.com for babies and for the whole family from popular online retailer Amazon. If you wish to buy any of the recommended products, or find out more about them, please click on the product image which will take you to the Amazon store.

Baby Products

Cloth nappies/diaper sets which can be used with disposable liners or washable liners. Chemical free, natural re-useable nappies/diapers. Good for baby's skin and health. Budget friendly and good for the environment. This set contains 6 cloth nappies/diapers with 12 re-useable inserts. Avaliable in a choice of colours. Snap fit fasteners adjust as your baby grows so always holding the nappy/diaper in a comfortable fit. Leakproof and long lasting. Made from fleece material that is hypoallergenic and safe for baby's soft skin. Extra insert liners or disposable liners can be purchased separately.

Eco HEVA pacifier/dummy available in sizes 0-36 months. 1 pacifier/dummy that are made of 100% natural pure rubber and is non-toxic and chemical free. Healthy alternative to the original plastic pacifier/dummy. BPA, plastic and PVC free. One piece highly hygienic and gentle on baby's skin. Ventilation holes and orthordontic teat. NOT SUITABLE FOR LATEX ALLERGY SUFFERS.

Bamboo baby/toddler meal plate with 3 divided sections for separate portions and easier meal times. Plate has a suction base to hold in place on highchair tray or table to prevent knocks and spills. Is eco friendly and made from non-toxic, chemical free, bamboo making it a healthier option for baby and environment. Can be purchased alongside other bamboo weaning or feeding products.

Bamboo toddler feeding forks made from biodegradable chemical free, non-toxic, bamboo. These replace plastic toddler cutlery for a healthier option for baby and environment. Can be purchased alongside other bamboo toddler feeding products.

Naty biodegradable eco diaper/nappies made from natural materials that are chemical free. Certified by the Swedish Asthma and allergy association these diaper/nappies are more suitable for babies and toddlers with skin allergies and very sensitive skin, reducing the risk of a skin reaction. Also better for the environment than normal disposable diaper/nappies. This multipack nappies is more budget friendly for environmental conscious families and are available in different sizes.

Naty baby wipes multi packs good value for money. Biodegradable and compostable wipes for a healthier alternative for baby and environment. Chemical free made from 100% renewable plant based materials. Contains natural aloe vera and chamomile for soothing skin.

Stainless steel baby cup with a food grade silicon lid and grip. Chemical free and non-toxic, reducing the amount of plastic used for baby products. Baby cups are long lasting and hard wearing. This is a value pack of 2, each holding 10ozs of liquid. Silicone lid can be removed when transitioning from baby sippy cup to toddler cup. Dishwasher safe and eco friendly.

NUK 0-6 months glass anti-colic feeding bottle with silicon teat. (240ml size). Glass is suitable for use in baby feeding, is eco friendly, and can be recycled after use. Silicon teat is biodegradable. No plastic, chemical free. Feeding bottle can be used alongside breastfeeding. Eco friendly and plastic free.

Family Products

Bamboo re-useable coffee/hot drink cup. Holds 400 mls. Great for parents when out and about with children or working. Can take your own hot drink out on the go or use to take into coffee shops to reduce the amount of throw away cups used. Eco friendly product that is hardwearing and long lasting. Made from biodegradable organic bamboo fibre. Dishwasher safe.

Set of 5 foldable re-useable shopping bags to take to the supermarket or grocery store. Handy size bags come in a variety of colours and fold to keep neatly. They are washable, durable, long lasting and hardwearing. Eco friendly as they reduce the need to use single use plastic bags. They are easy to store in the car, pocket, handbag, baby changing for shopping on the go.

Set of 4 canvas bags. Durable, washable, hardwearing bags that have a variety of uses can be used as family shopping bags, nursery/day care bags for children, lunch bags, or gym bags. These canvas bags can also be decorated, making them perfect for children to individualise. Eco friendly, budget friendly, bags that can be used by all the family.

Set of 2 stainless steel water bottles for on the go. Can be used for hot or cold drinks. Keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours and liquids warm for up to 12 hours. Ideal for a morning coffee on the way to work or when out and about with children. Also great for taking to the gym or on a run, or to have a cold drink handy in warmer weather. Vacuum sealed, leak proof, and lightweight. Stainless steel in a non-toxic material, making it healthier, and reducing the use of plastics. Eco friendly and budget friendly.

Canvas lunch bag with drawstring closure at the top. Perfect for carrying lunch to work or school. Holds a medium size lunch box. Lightweight and eco friendly. Long lasting and hardwearing. Can be machine washed.

Pack of 12 bamboo toothbrushes. Family pack (for children over 12 years old) or will last 2 adults a whole year. Bamboo is biodegradable, non-toxic, and plastic free. Good for the environment and healthier for all the family.

100% natural chemical free toothpaste in a glass jar for use in adults and children over 12 years old. Reducing plastic packaging the glass jar can be recycled or re-used when finished.

Variety pack of Dr Bronner's organic castile soaps. All natural soaps for body and hair. Non-toxic, good for skin and hair, including sensitive skin. The different scented soaps are all made from natural materials and reduce the need for plastic bottles in shower gels and shampoos. Long lasting and good value for all the family, making them budget as well as eco friendly.